Geometrical analyses of production lines and testing of repeatability of machines

Our speciality is the Industrial Metrology sector. We provide services in which success is determined by:

  • technical expertise,
  • experience,
  • and familiarity with critical process management issues.

We specialise in the geometric analysis of existing industrial facilities, installations and mechanisms.

Our services are a combination of two key factors:

  • the most modern technology available on the market: devices such as Laser Tracker, Measuring Arms, 3D scanners and specialised measuring software,
  • combined with many years of experience gained during the implementation of complex measurement projects in the energy, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, foundry and automotive industries.

Services we offer for geometric analysis:

  • verification of the geometry of the production line to obtain data for analysis
  • dynamic repeatability testing of CNC machines including welding robots
  • measurements of deviations in shape and position of technological lines, (positions/parallelism and/flatness/perpendicularity/coaxiality)
  • inspection of the straightness of long guides of processing machines, industrial plotters and other machines
  • determining the correct position of machines during assembly of production lines

With our services you receive:

  • ensuring an increased level of quality of manufactured components
  • minimising damage to production lines
  • elimination of production errors by inspection of the repeatability of machines
  • verification of machine parameters provided by manufacturers
  • guidelines for correct adjustment of equipment, thus increasing its service life