Inspection of large structures

We provide you with the highest quality services for capturing key and precise geometric data. We often carry out projects in sensitive and difficult to access locations such as the interiors of hydroelectric power plants, steam turbines of conventional and nuclear power plants, mechanisms and entire production lines in steel mills, foundries, chemical plants and manufacturing facilities.

One of the branches of our services is Inspection of Large Structures

We are able to accurately measure various and large structures such as:

  • components of cargo-handling equipment used in ports,
  • overhead cranes and cranes on production sites,
  • components manufactured for wind farms,
  • Steel structures installed on offshore platforms in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Steel structures in the Offshore sector

We can provide detailed and precise measurements with a laser tracker wherever the necessary precision is crucial. (measuring accuracy from 0.02 mm).

If you are involved in one of the following industries:

  • metalworking (cutting, bending, rolling, welding of structures)
  • assembly of large components
  • processing of large components,
  • construction of large-scale structures,

then we can certainly offer comprehensive geometry measurements, virtual assemblies or final inspection reports.

With our services you receive:

  • ensuring an increased level of production process,
  • time saving by avoiding assembly errors (virtual assembly tests),
  • cost savings by avoiding complaints,
  • verification of the production process and its repeatability,