Periodic dimension inspections

Periodic inspections of various types are often needed in industry. Our offer includes periodic dimensional inspection services. We provide very precise measurements (hundredths of a millimetre) using devices such as Laser Tracker and measuring arms and laser scanners. With periodic measurements you can ensure:

  • smooth operation of production lines - ongoing adjustments to position/levelling to improve line efficiency
  • eliminating failures before they happen - avoiding large unplanned costs
  • acquiring knowledge about the wear and tear of machines - correct planning of overhauls
  • improving the quality of manufactured products - avoiding complaints and related costs
  • support for the maintenance department by acquiring data on variability over a long period of time

Through our services we are able to provide you with extremely useful knowledge on a regular basis, and we would be delighted to present our capabilities to you at a meeting. That is why we invite you to contact us.