Precision laser measurements on Hydro Power

Our speciality is the Industrial Metrology sector. We provide services in which success is determined by:

  • technical expertise,
  • experience,
  • and familiarity with critical process management issues.

We specialise in the geometric analysis of existing industrial facilities, installations and mechanisms.

Our services are a combination of two key factors:

  • the most modern technology available on the market: devices such as Laser Tracker, Measuring Arms, 3D scanners and specialised measuring software,
  • combined with many years of experience gained during the implementation of complex measurement projects in the energy, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, foundry and automotive industries.

For the hydropower industry, we offer a wide range of geometric analysis and measurement services.

We offer services in the areas listed below:

  • We provide precise 3D data for design and computational purposes used in the modelling of rotor blades and guide vanes, as well as for simulation of flow calculations.
  • We carry out comprehensive geometry measurements of entire power plants prior to the start of modernisation works: verification of foundations with regard to the level and analysis of the condition of foundations, verification of dimensional compliance with technical documentation,
  • we carry out control measurements during refurbishments - determination of shaft axes, installation of reference points, providing dimensional guidelines, positioning of rotor chambers or lower and upper body rings.
  • we carry out control measurements and acceptances of new components made for assembly on the power plant
  • after each assignment, we provide a detailed and transparent work report tailored to the client's needs.

Our services provide you with the knowledge you need to carry out the work properly on your premises:

  • inspection of the actual state of geometry of hydrosystem components.
  • minimising costs caused by dimensional discrepancies with old technical documentation.
  • acceleration of work requiring precise positioning during the embedding of hydrosystem components.
  • access to reliable information obtained before, during and after completion of the project.