Precision Laser Measurements in Conventional Power Generation

Our speciality is the Industrial Metrology sector. We provide services in which success is determined by:

  • technical expertise,
  • experience,
  • and familiarity with critical process management issues.

We specialise in the geometric analysis of existing industrial facilities, installations and mechanisms.

Our services are a combination of two key factors:

  • the most modern technology available on the market: devices such as Laser Tracker, Measuring Arms, 3D scanners and specialised measuring software,
  • combined with many years of experience gained during the implementation of complex measurement projects in the energy, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, foundry and automotive industries.

For the conventional power generation industry, we offer a wide range of services related to the analysis and geometric measurements of turbine units and their components:

  • we are able to quickly and accurately detect defects due to damage, displacement or wear of components,
  • we scan high-pressure steam piping systems for repair support
  • we take precise measurements of the longitudinal and transverse axes of turbine units,
  • we carry out shaft line alignment and bearing position checks - confirmed by a detailed report with visualisation of dimensional deviations,
  • we also take measurements during repair work (e.g. coupling pairing),
  • using laser scanning we analyse turbine blade wear
  • we carry out precise levelling and positioning (leveling measurements) of components during turbine assembly
  • we provide a detailed and clear work report after each job has been carried out, including all necessary information.

With our services you receive:

  • knowledge of the actual state, i.e. understandable and precise information that enables appropriate decisions to be taken, thus saving time and money
  • efficient execution of processes requiring the inspection of turbine sets' parts geometry
  • detailed inspection records and reports to be included in renovation documentation