Mission, Vision, Objective – about us


Our mission is to combine state-of-the-art technology in industrial metrology with engineering experience in order to realise even the most complex projects through close cooperation with the customer.

TREON takes its name from these three aspects:

T - technology - services based on the latest technologies
R - cooperation with the client, joint analysis of needs
E - engineering - our engineering knowledge and experience
ON - on-site - on site where the customer needs us

Our specialization

Our speciality is the Industrial Metrology sector. We provide services in which success is determined by:

  • technical knowledge of 3D measurements,
  • experience gained through implementation of projects,
  • familiarity with critical process management issues.

We specialise in the geometric analysis of existing industrial facilities, installations and mechanisms. We provide services where technical knowledge, experience and familiarity with critical process management issues determine the success. In our services we use the highest class measuring equipment (Laser Tracker) used until recently only in laboratories of companies such as: BOEING, NASA, AIRBUS, ALSTOM, GE, VOLKSWAGEN.

Latest technologies in industrial metrology

Devices such as FARO Laser Tracker, FARO Arm - measuring arms, 3D scanners and specialised measuring software combine with our knowledge and experience to provide precise technical information for the customer.

Experience gained from complex and problematic projects in the offshore, energy, chemical, shipbuilding, steel, foundry and automotive industries.

Our engineers tailor the reporting to your site's accepted methods of analysis so that your specialists can use the information in a way that is relevant and effective to your engineering processes.

Vision and Objective:

Our aim is to reliably carry out the tasks entrusted to us. We place great importance on the continuous improvement of measurement techniques and ingenuity in the implementation of projects.


Precise services backed by experience, carried out according to customer expectations.