Reverse engineering

Reproducing the geometry of technical details is a very difficult task. It is not only about a 1:1 reproduction of shape and dimensions but also about understanding how a component works. The technical challenges relate not only to engineering difficulties such as the selection of shape and position tolerances, the determination of nominal dimensions and assumed manufacturing tolerances, but also to technical aspects in the acquisition and processing of data.

In our services we combine many devices and software in order to achieve a satisfactory final result. We work on millions of points, for which we use state-of-the-art computer equipment

We will help you to reproduce missing technical documentation.

In production plants, it is often the case that technical documentation for components of older machines is missing or that changes need to be made to the production process. We can solve this problem with Reverse Engineering services using 3D scan data (point cloud).

Our reverse engineering services are divided into two segments:

Scanning of parts with smaller dimensions (0 mm - 3000 mm, accuracy below 0.1 mm)

With the mobile measuring arm FARO SCANARM we are able to obtain a very dense and accurate point cloud. It is the most efficient and accurate way to collect information for subsequent CAD model generation. Details can be of any and complex shape (blades, bodies, castings). We perform our services at the customer's premises.

Large object scanning (70 metres, 1-2 mm accuracy)

Using the FOCUS 3D area scanner, we are able to obtain an enormous amount of data for modelling large areas (large steel structures, foundations, buildings). The modelled data can be used for flow calculations (water turbines), durability calculations (steel structures), design and retrofitting of existing facilities.

Please see below for our reverse engineering capabilities:

  • acquisition of a point cloud using a 3D laser scanner,
  • checking and mapping the geometry by means of very precise contact measurements,
  • merging and cleaning of point clouds in specialised 3D software,
  • development and creation of an optimised triangle mesh (STL),
  • modelling and design of an object on the basis of a grid and contact measurements.

What you can use the results of our services for:

  • Acquisition of a 3D model that reflects the original design intent
  • Designing a new part to match an old installation
  • Redesign of parts and elimination of manufacturing defects
  • Modernisation of the production process
  • Data useful for simulations (flow, endurance analyses).

With our services, we are able to create for you 2D and 3D documentation of machine parts as well as entire industrial plants.