Measurement Reports

Controlling product geometry – measurements reports and protocols


Controlling product geometry is essential to building a successful manufacturing business. This is the reason why, a successful business must deliver products that meet or even exceed customer requirements. Controling dimensions and geometry of manufactured parts is crucial to maintain correct production quality.

Our measuring services will allow you to keep your products in line with the drawn up technical documentation. With end protocol You can be sure that real values are within dimensional tolerances. This ensures that the end customer will always receive from you a product that meets their expectations.

We specialize in measuring 3D geometry using mobile devices. As example:

  • measuring arms (FARO ARM),
  • laser trackers,
  • laser line scanners (Laser Line Probe).

The equipment we use is certified to the most stringent standards: Certificates


We create measurement reports which include
all the necessary information required:

  • Geometric dimensions: distance, angle, position,
  • Cartesian, spherical or cylindrical dimensioning
  • Shape tolerances: straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity,
  • Geometric tolerances of direction: parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination,
  • Geometrical tolerances on position: positions, concentricity,

Our engineers can present the
measurement results in many different forms:

  • a finished Measurement Reports in PDF format with detailed descriptions,
  • tables with the results in spreadsheet format,
  • data prepared for SPC (statistical process control) calculations
  • we prepare reports in English


We are able to visualize free surface shape errors (comparison with 3D CAD models) as well as analyze parts from 2D technical documentation.