Calibration Certificates

We test our measuring tools with very demanding periodic controls to ensure accuracy.

All measurement tools, form caliper to CMM machines, need to be regularly certified and check if the accuracy and reparability is still on track.

Our Quantum S series measuring arm is regularly certified in an accredited laboratory in Germany to ISO 10360-12 and is the first portable arm on the market to achieve this international conformity certificate.

The FARO LLP scanner we use with the QUANTUM arm is tested according to methods in ISO 10360-8 Annex D

FARO EDGE and FARO PLATINUM arms are certified in accordance with ASME B89.4.22 including: effective diameter test, single point repeatability test, volumetric system performance test.

Our Laser Trackers are also regularly tested in accredited laboratories. Certification is based on the ASME system standard B89.4.19. This is a standardised method for calibrating laser trackers using NIST standards. The standard was officially released by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in December 2006, several years after the development and production of the FARO Laser Tracker began.