Measurement services with Laser Tracker

TREON is a group of engineers and enthusiasts of new technologies that provide technologically advanced and precise measurement services. We support industry and factories providing precise measurement data and geometry analysis. Our activities contribute to a significant improvement in the operation of technological lines. We participate in the execution and acceptance processes. We also conduct random checks of products delivered by subcontractors.

Our speciality is the Industrial Metrology sector. We provide services in which success is determined by:

  • technical expertise,
  • experience,
  • and familiarity with critical process management issues.

We specialise in the geometric analysis of existing industrial facilities, installations and mechanisms.

Our services are a combination of two key factors:

  • the most modern technology available on the market: devices such as Laser Tracker, Measuring Arms, 3D scanners and specialised measuring software,
  • combined with many years of experience gained during the implementation of complex measurement projects in the energy, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, foundry and automotive industries.

Our offer:

geometry measurement

Measurement services with Laser Tracker

TREON is a leading provider of 3D geometry measurement services in the industrial sector. In our services we combine highly experienced engineering staff and the best available equipment. Also we provide precise analyzes of engineering data where traditional measurement methods are not possible to apply.

We specialize in geometric analyzes of existing facilities, installations and industrial mechanisms.

Our services are a combination of:

  • the most high-tech equipment available on the market:
    devices such as Laser Tracker, Measuring Arms, 3D scanners and measurement software,
  • many years of experience gained during the implementation of complex measurement projects
    in: heavy industry, energy sector, offshore, metallurgy, foundry and automotive.

We provide 3D measurement services such as: adjusting the settings of production machines, aligning shaft lines, leveling industrial structures, bringing parallelism and perpendicularity, precise measurements and analysis of geometry (from 0.01 mm!)

We measure large-size objects, such as: entire interiors of hydropower plants, ball mills for grinding raw materials, metallurgical furnaces, rolling stands, hydraulic presses and injection molding machines, large machine, turbogenerator, crane systems and many others (objects up to 80 meters).

What measurements with laser trackers are possible?

Almost any measurement is possible and the time for preparation and implementation of the task is a limitation. Straightness, concentricity, flatness, leveling to gravity, perpendicularity, parallelism, alignment of rotating equipment or measurements relative to the 3D model are just a few of the tasks that we can perform.

Although the device itself has limitations on visibility (laser beam), we can combine data from one laser tracker with other equipment, such as measuring arms, long-range laser scanners, or use multiple device positions.

If you have 3D CAD models (e.g. igs, stp) of your machine, equipment or structure, we can also compare the raw data directly with the model’s nominal surfaces and present detailed color maps highlighting and measuring curvilinear surfaces. If you do not have a CAD model, we can create one for you or provide the necessary data so that you can start reverse engineering yourself.

Another limitation related to laser trackers is the amount of information collected that is obtained by physically touching an object with the probe. In some cases, we combine long-range laser scanning (point clouds) with laser tracking to obtain complete object geometry and measure at much greater ranges (over 120 m).

In the past, Laser trackers were used to die in the aerospace industry, today we use this technology in almost a very diverse industry.


Measurement accuracy and precision

We provide measurement services with laser tracker or the industrial sector, machine construction, heavy industry, production and processing. Our solutions are just for you If:

  • you need to precisely and accurately set machine components,
  • measure or monitor the condition of large-size objects.

The volumetric uncertainty with which we can perform measurements is defined by the formula 20μm + 5μm / m. Which means that we can measure a detail from a length of 10 meters with an uncertainty not exceeding 0.070 mm! This is the maximum permissible error and the actual so-called typical error does not exceed 0.049mm (according to ISO 10360-10: 2016)

This range of measurement uncertainty, combined with the experience of our engineering staff, allows the implementation of the most demanding projects in the industrial sector where precision plays a key role (energy, aviation, precision machining industry, production).

Precision and accuracy are two ways scientists think about errors. Accuracy refers to how close the measured value is to the actual value. Precision refers to how closely the measurements of the same feature are. Precision is independent of accuracy. This means you can be very precise but not very accurate, and you can also be exact without precision. Top-quality measurements are accurate and precise.

The classic way to demonstrate the difference between precision and accuracy is a dartboard (examples are provided in the graphics to illustrate how accurate and precise measurement looks like. Being aware of these principles, we provide our services with high precision and accuracy.


Tracker Rental vs. Measurement services with Laser Tracker

Laser trackers can be borrowed from several sources (also in our company). For those skilled in the art of inspection, this may make the most sense.

On the other hand, for customers who are not very familiar with trackers and are not experienced in operating devices, it should be remembered that measuring techniques appear simple but are in fact often misused. Additionally, data analysis requires experience and many years of practice to correctly interpret the information obtained during the measurement.

We trained all our employees to be qualified operators. In our company, we want to provide customers with the best service available as soon as possible. If your business needs require precise measurements of large objects, please contact us for a quote!

You can rent Laser trackers from several sources (also in our company). For those skilled in the art of inspection, this may make the most sense.

Otherwise we advise to use our team and perform the best i class measurement service!

Other services offered:

  • External metrology supervision and dimensional analysis;
  • Precise measurement inspection confirmed by a report;
  • Leveling, alignment and machine setting;
  • Setup of production lines;
  • Inspections of rotating equipment;
  • Periodic technical measurements and geometric diagnostics;
  • 3D scanning of industrial facilities;

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