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31 March 2023
machine alignment

What is the effect of alignment errors?

What is the effect of alignment errors on operation in heavy machine industry? Alignment errors can have significant effects on the operation of heavy machines in […]
6 March 2023
SMR laser tracker

What is Laser Tracker and SMR?

What is Laser Tracker? A Laser Tracker is a type of portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM). We use Laser Tracker services for in manufacturing, engineering, and […]
6 October 2022

What is dimensional metrology?

The science of measurements Metrology is the science of measurement and the name derives from the Greek words metron “measure” and logos which has several meanings […]
22 August 2022

Installation and assembly of complex big parts

Installation and assembly of complex big parts Introduction Are You in charge of installation or assembly of complex big parts? How to understand dimensions behave with […]
30 June 2022
Measurement Arm

3D Measurement Arm Technology

3D Measurement Arm Technology Introduction 3D measurement arms, commonly known as articulating arms, are portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Portable arms determine and record the location […]